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Transform Learning with the
Transforming Learning Collaborative

The Transforming Learning Collaborative—founded by NGLC, Da Vinci Schools, and Schools That Can and joined by additional leading districts and school networks—invites you to #transformlearning with us! Choose from two options to fit your needs:

  • The two-day Transforming Learning Conference, October 17-18, 2019

  • The year-long Transforming Learning Incubator, September 2019 through June 2020

Bring your passion and great ideas, then select your learning pathway. We provide the expert guides—educators leading at the edge of equity and innovation—who deliver intensive, collaborative design sessions and mentoring to help you create practical solutions. Solutions that have the power to transform learning in your school. It's a new approach to professional learning that will inspire, engage, and ignite your work. 


TLC Events


Transforming Learning Incubator
September 2019 through June 2020

For school teams and individuals who are designing a new school or transforming an existing school, the Transforming Learning Incubator offers a year-long learning and design cohort with mentoring and support from some of the most innovative schools in the country (see below).

Participants build and test a prototype to transform an element of school design or an entirely new vision for a school. They join a professional learning community, attend three face-to-face learning sessions, and benefit from customized virtual coaching and collaborative learning experiences throughout the year. 

Important Dates

  • August 15, 2019: Registration deadline

  • September 2019: Incubator launch

  • October 2019 @ Da Vinci Schools

    • October 16: Incubator kickoff meeting

    • October 17-18: Transforming Learning Conference (registration included for incubator participants)

  • February 2020 @ Mentor school site (dates & location TBD, by strand)

  • May 2020 @ Schools That Can Forum, location TBD

(Event dates and details are subject to change)

Program Overview

For more information about the incubator experience, visit the 2019-20 Participant Overview page.

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Registration is closed for 2019-20.

Please complete the Incubator Interest Form to connect with a member of the TLC planning team about the 2020-21 Transforming Learning Incubator.

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These educators know what they are doing. They’re not out to convert you, but they are energetic, practical, and realistic. It’s refreshing to be told straight up where the pitfalls lie and that you don’t have to follow a particular theorist or think tank to the letter. This is usable knowledge, hands-on training, and proven examples.
— Andrew Taylor, Vistamar School

Transforming Learning Conference
October 17-18, 2019 | El Segundo, CA

This hands-on, workshop-based learning experience was created by educators for educators and others interested in next gen learning design.

This is not a traditional sit-and-get conference. Our goal is to give you tools, guidance, and the time and space to dream, discover, and design your way to a new model of learning for your school. It is project-based. It is inquiry-based and passion-based. It is authentic, grounded in your real-world.

Conference workshop topics

The conference has reached capacity.
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2-Day Pass: $475
1-Day Pass: $250

2-Day Pass: $525
1-Day Pass: $275

2-Day Pass: $575
1-Day Pass: $300

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Visit the Transforming Learning Conference website hosted by Da Vinci Schools for more information about this exciting event!

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About the
Transforming Learning Collaborative

The Transforming Learning Collaborative (TLC) is a national group of innovative schools committed to offering deep, intensive learning experiences for educators seeking to design new schools or redesign existing ones. The ultimate goal: equitably prepare all students to thrive in a diverse and changing world.

Together we are building a self-sustaining national ecosystem of educator-to-educator professional learning experiences. Together we are enabling leaders and teachers nationwide to develop 21st-century schools informed by those whose perspectives they value most: their peers.

Founding Partners

The founding partners of the collaborative are three organizations widely recognized as leaders in next gen school design:  


Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC)
National catalyst and convener


Da Vinci Schools
Lead learning designer for students and adults


Schools That Can (STC)
Lead school network focused on real world learning


Mentor Schools

The founding partners launched the collaborative in 2018. Collaborative mentor schools and districts provide additional learning and design experiences, coaching, and training through the Transforming Learning Conference and Incubator.

TLC mentor schools demonstrate strong commitment to whole-child, 21st-century student success goals, innovative learning designs, and evidence of holistic student success. They have a learning disposition and an adaptive approach to collaboration and are guided by the founding principles of the Transforming Learning Collaborative.

The collaborative is designed to grow with an expanding set of mentor schools joining each year.

Founding Principles

Bold Visions for Learning
We believe that young people deserve transformative learning experiences that cultivate true readiness to thrive in a diverse and changing world. To achieve this for every student we must fundamentally reimagine how schools are designed and how they operate.

We Walk the Talk
The design of our adult learning experiences mirrors the kinds of learner-led, authentic, high-engagement learning that we offer our students.

By Educators, For Educators
Learning experiences and curriculum are designed by practicing teachers and instructional leaders. We are intensely action-oriented and practice-focused.

Equity at Our Core
We continually challenge ourselves to foster diversity, equity, and belonging in our learning environments. We are committed to creating conditions that empower learners and communities. We listen and communicate across difference with respect, empathy, curiosity, and humility.

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