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Bringing inspiration, bold ideas, and tested designs to communities and educators who are building the future of education.  


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Schools, districts, and passionate community members who are interested in personalized learning, 21st century skills, or redesigning "school" to be more equitable now can tap into the expertise of Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC): our extensive national network of educators who are leaders at the intersection of innovation and equity, our practical knowledge of next generation learning designs, and our deep understanding of what today's youth need to thrive and how schools can respond.

The challenge of adopting new models of learning for 21st century outcomes is that traditional approaches to change in K-12 education won’t work. Period. NGLC’s comprehensive approach sidesteps common traps and provides you with solutions that create real and lasting change.

Our history has taught us what’s needed: a new approach to adopting innovative ideas, teachers and school leaders who are leading the change and deeply invested in designing next gen learning for their community, and a supportive network where educators feel safe yet also professionally challenged.


Explore NGLC Services to get connected. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to redesign learning in your school community.



Leading the change to create schools that are designed for individual learners and what young people need in today's world is a complex challenge. NGLC provides customized guidance and deep learning experiences to help your community solve this challenge. 



Our immersive learning experiences are just as 'next gen' as the learning you'll find in NGLC schools. Connect with leaders in next gen learning design through our hands-on, learner-driven events designed to advance your work to build and sustain your own next gen learning designs.



NGLC is the home for teams who are leading their communities toward equitable, future-focused learning in schools. Develop your strengths and discover practices that work by building relationships within this vibrant network of next gen learning leaders and like-minded peers.


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Next Generation Learning Challenges

NGLC envisions a future where educators and communities use the tools of innovation design to create powerful, equitable learning in school and beyond. Learning that is responsive to our changing world and the values of diverse communities. Leading the change is hard. We can help.

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